Year Long Loop (2004-2005/2011)

Year Long Loop
Recorded between October 2004 and September 2005 and completed in 2011, Year Long Loop documents the sound and view as experienced from the vantage point of a Los Angeles ridge. The work consists of one 5 minute shot for each hour of the day, organized by month, resulting in a continuous 24 hour loop. Inspired by the mix of sounds eminating from neighborhorhoods at the base of Mt. Washington, the soundtrack includes the cries of local wildlife (owls, coyotes, crickets etc) combined with car alarms, gun shots, sirens and ice cream trucks, occasionally punctuated with the events of 2004-2005, including the presidential debates and the reelection of George Bush, the Indonesion Tsunami, the Iraq War, the Michael Jackson trial verdict and Hurricane Katrina.

Stills from October 2004 Stills from February 2005